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We provide a whole range of all-encompassing and thorough services which are designed to take effective care of your diverse IT and technological needs, from desktop installation, website development, to server installation, maintenance and repair. We make sure all your operating systems, software and servers are fully geared, advanced and up-to-date with all the leading technological standards to provide you an immersive, facilitating and enhanced technological experience that adequately satisfy all the sensitive needs of your corporate or domestic use.



Desktop & Laptops, Servers, Phones & Tablets, Printers, and Televisions. Whatever the brand, we can fix it!  Starting at:



An Outstanding Business needs an Outstanindg Website! The research show that the best way to gain customers is with a great first impression, why not make it into a website?! Plans starting at:



Want reliable internet service thorught the whole house? The best way to surf the internet is with a reliable connection! Our Networking plans start at:



Are your phone bills getting too high? Here at Panda Technologies we offer home and business phone systems at a lower monthly cost with month-month contracts! Service plans start at:



Don't let a failed Hard Drive, Broken Flash Drive or Accidently Deleting Files be a Pain. Our recovery plans start at:



Do you like the ability to control your own server? We host many websites, gaming, and virtual servers with many configurable options to fit your needs. Our plans start at: